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Blackie and the Rodeo Kings

What a treat to see Canadian group Blackie and the Rodeo Kings at the ARK in Ann Arbor up close and personal. With a few friends who introduced me to Tom Wilson a few years back and all his work in the visual and music arts, it was great to be able to see this portion of his life live in Michigan.

Colin Linden's work with music and television would not fit into this small writing box so I will leave it to you all to google him if you're not aware. And Stephen Fearing had his own photographic work shown at the venue as well which was incredible impressive to see. He does some amazing landscapes and on the road photography when not making amazing music with Colin and Tom.

Colin Linden was nice to sign a CD and pose for a photo- I thanked him for letting me take some up close photos of him and his dobro.

For a link to an album from this show go here:

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