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Avishai Cohen | Jazz

Just had a great opportunity to hear Avishai Cohen play here locally. Based in NYC and France this trumpeter graced the stage at Detroit's Cliff Bell's recently. It was great to see him in this venue and the crowd was the consumate jazz crowd. Avishai is touring promoting his new CD called Dark Nights which was done in a studio using a 2 takes and that's it, method- pretty brave, but leads to some stunning compositions.

" Dark Nights is the soul-deep third album from rising-star trumpeter Avishai Cohen’s trio Triveni with bassist Omer Avital and drummer Nasheet Waits. Dark Nights also features guest performances by superstar clarinetist Anat Cohen and pianist Gerald Clayton. Avishai is also joined by French-Israeli singer-songwriter Keren Ann for a duet on “I Fall in Love Too Easily,” which sees the two indulging their shared love of Chet Baker. "

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