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Lindy Vopnfjörd | Folk Music Ontario

I just felt like posting another Lindy photo...I just dig Lindy's songs and style. I was lucky to see him in his showcase twice at the Folk Music Ontario Conference and that is a treat! Showcases are pretty much just the musician- no bells and whistles- no stage lights, no fancy set, no roadies, no fancy sound board! JUST YOU & a guitar!

With that said, he told his room audience about some of the context for some new songs- a lot of politically influenced lyrics from some pretty challenging life stories from people he has met on the road! He writes really good lyrics and then sets them to song- there's some old folksinger ghost guiding him along I think.

Here's a pretty confrontational shot- just Lindy and a few of us staring back- it was a direct all eye contact dialogue between listener and musician. It went over very well!

I think that takes a lot of courage to be that real and that direct in such a small setting. I'm sometimes shy too!- so to be in this setting with just a few others was good for me. Got me to engage in dialogue and really listen close and be close with a bunch of avid folk fans.

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