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Wheatland Festival, Remus, Michigan

Going to the Wheatland Festival is always an experience. This year I decided to go as one of my all time favorite traditional Quebec bands was playing - La Bottine Souriante. La Bottine Souriante / The Smiling Boot is a powerhouse of traditional song, dance, storytelling and violin reels. Going strong for over 15 years now they show no sign of stopping.

Todays band consists of: (just a few...!)

Benoit Borque

Sandy Silva

David Boulanger

Eric Beaudry

Robert Ellis

Jocelyn Lapointe

Jean-François Gagnon-Branchaud

Pierre Bélisle

Jean Fréchette

François Marion

André Verreault

To see them live and on a large stage is like doing wildlife photography- you never know whats going to happen and you have to wait patiently and see. I staked out a photo area in the morning and watched the magic play out on stage at night. What an awesome group of musicians/artists and Sandy Silva is the most excellent dancer. The group recently toured Mexico and enjoyed some greatly attended festivals there.

Here's pic from the day and to see the entire album click on this LINK:

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