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Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine

I am so excited to be featured in a nice 2 page spread in the 2021 April/May issue of Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine.

This magazine issue is ramping up the excitement to what is hopefully a somewhat 'new normal' festival summer/fall season. Featuring numerous music festival photographers from across the country, including the magazine's co-founder Robert Whithal, the glossy full color pages build excitement for the return to the stage and the beloved photo-pit!

From what I am hearing, some of the festivals may go forward with the idea of having 'vaccinated attendance' only, but this could change as things evolve week by week with this historic pandemic.

I know I sure miss live music... I am hoping to catch some smaller scale outdoor shows and snap some photos. Just in case things get rolling, I am getting my camera cleaned and taking an inventory of my equipment at the moment. Gotta have all your gear ready to go at a moments notice!

Stay safe, miss you all!


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