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Holiday Card 2020

Well this has been a crazy and challenging year! I was hoping after my very personally challenging and tough year in 2019, that things would be a breeze in 2020! But no such luck, as the world had other ideas!

So, for this years holiday card I tried to think about something that would be hopeful yet not in complete denial of all that has happened in 2020! So I opted for JOY!

With not a single music event to photograph this year, it's been pretty depressing!

And, for my peers and music photo comrades who earn most of their living this way, it's been truly devastating. And, for the musicians out there - it's been like having your hands cut off! I am happy to see many of us pivoting into online music performances and events and some even releasing albums and writing batches of new songs. It is a testament to how much doing these creative acts are a part of a persons soul and very being! Many of these creative acts help in coping with the pressures of the pandemic too.

So, for the rest of 2020 and into 2021, I wish you all good health, tenacity, peace and urge you to embrace those small moments of joy!

Hope to see you in the photo pit soon!

Brita Brookes


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