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Cover Image for 2020 Blues Festival Guide

I can't even express how this news has cheered me up during this global crisis!

I am so excited my image of Danielle Nicole being a complete music badass at the Windsor International Blues Festival has been selected for the year long issue of Blues Festival Guide. And don't you love those shoes!

The guide will be online and in print starting May 15, 2020. This guide goes out to 100,000 + of music promoters, artists, fans and festival planners every year. This year it may be a tad less but it will still be over 80,000! Thats a lot of peeps.

Its become a tradition to pose with the guide in your hands and take a photo and send it in from wherever you are! I can't wait to see the print copies and will make sure to take a photo. Be sure to check it out online at

And you can check out the Danielle Nicole Band online at!

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