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Mo Kenney and Alejandra Ribera

Seeing Mo Kenney and Alejandra Ribera was an opportunity not to be missed. With the evening of April 11th being Alejandra's CD release concert at the Royal Theater in Toronto, it was even more special as it was a SOLD OUT event. Congrats to Alejandra and her team for that accomplishment.

The evening at the Royal was not without it's challenges as the mic went out for a brief few minutes during Alejandra's opening song- but like a true rock star, she just kept singing without the mic. It was a pretty special moment, so I am glad I got it on film. Later she sat down for a emotional song about a friend she lost who was very sick- here's a shot from that moment. Alejandra was sure to sing her hit single "I want" and the crowd responded with a roar. Her debut CD 'La Boca' is out now. You can catch her in Montreal or in many Ontario festivals this summer.

Mo Kenney just reminded me of an early Bob Dylan- just her and her guitar & a denim shirt with jeans- no fancy props, no dance moves, just Mo- and of course, some out of the ballpark songs.

Thanks so much for this evening- feeling thankful and blessed to have been there even in the tough moments!

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