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Celtic Fiddle Fest - The ARK, Ann Arbor

When my music comrade Andre Brunet emailed me on facebook that another traditional group was coming through my town soon, I was elated. Andre Brunet is a Quebec based dynamo of traditional music talent- he has been in La Bottine Souriante, Des Temps Antan and Celtic Fiddle Fest.

Traditional music has a special place in my photo heart. It's always so fun to shoot but that only trick is to remember to stop tapping your toes when taking photos, otherwise they come out blurry. How can you not move to this kind of music?- it's been around since before all of our grandparents and it is still here for a reason.

Celtic Fiddle Fest consists of Andre Brunet, Kevin Burke, Nicolas Quemener, and Christian Lemaitre. They were all happy in this group shot as the tour was almost over and they were all very homesick.

To see this evening click on this LINK:

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