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Canadian Music Week 02- Tully on Tully

I made a pact last year to save up enough to attend Canadian Music Week after winning a conference all access wristband and pass in a silent auction. The fee was covered now, just to find the right places to couch surf and enough gas money and food money. Mission accomplished! and it was certainly well worth the months of savings.

The conference was a hub of music industry networking, lectures, panels, and the entire city had performances at all of it's venues. To be able to go from the Horseshoe Tavern, Gladstone, Sneaky Dee's, El Mocambo, and many more was like a week long music marathon for me. Wearing my running shoes, I was able to catch more shows in one week than I had seen in 6 months! This really allowed me to hone my low light shooting practice and get some more shooting under pressure experience under my belt.

I met so many similar souls at the conference- young bands looking for guidance, how to deal with mistakes, learning about social media and all the platforms the music business works with these days to promote and publicize their new acts. It was also great meeting some amazing LIVE Nation and Filter Magazine mentors at the one on one mentor sessions who guided me well. For one, get your web page and info updated- they won't even look at your stuff if it's outdated. That's how technology has changed the business- so keep up if you can, and if you cannot, find a mentor to help.

Thanks Canadian Music Week. Here's a pic of me with Tully on Tully singer Natalie Foster at the Australian BBQ and showcase. We were laughing because Natalie basically sang in complete darkness at the club prior to this place the night before- it was so dark she tripped over some cords on the floor. Not good for photos or promotional shots either,(Flash photography just sucks), but we made up for it this day at a sunny BBQ. Images soon!

Thanks Natalie for that second chance! You are a joy to hear.

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