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Arlo Guthrie - the ARK, Ann Arbor

What can I say? I have been playing Alices Restaurant and the Last Waltz every Thanksgiving Dinner for the last 20 years now. I had to go see our American national treasure for myself.

Although not a diehard fan like many that stood in line who had Arlo in their veins and were like walking Arlo encyclopedias, I am a fan- just not a fan with an Arlo PhD! The conversations I had with these people in line were almost as good as the concert- I mean what a testament to this personality- to have so many great people waiting to see you like having 100's of old friends coming over to your living room.

I really enjoyed hearing his stories about his father and also about his own music journey. If you can get to his church in Massachusetts they have an amazing musical scene going on- it's on my list of things to do this next year!

Peace be with you Arlo and family!

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