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Canadian Music Week 04 - Cardinals

Cardinals! Watching this once high school jazz band play now pop/folk at the Gladstone showcase during Canadian Music Week was truly a fun time. These three young musicians have a bright future ahead - this I am certain of!

To get them on film was challenging as they don't just stand there. There was a lot of interplay, interloping and interludes going down during this show. Loved the changing lighting - it made for some really fun photo imagery.

Cardinals are on tour now- catch a show!- it's worth it, and inspiring to see this band carrying on a songwriting tradition. I will be at next show nearby for sure. You can see them at the SCENE music festival June 28-29 in St. Catherines, ON, Canada.

Levi Clattenburg - Vocals, Guitar Myles Rogers - Bass, Vocals Nathaniel Rustenburg - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

To see the album from this evening go to this LINK:

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