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Great Lake Swimmers | Detroit

Enjoyed seeing one of my favorite bands here in my hometown- Great Lake Swimmers. Last year I got to see them close out the first year of the Pelee island Unplugged festival which was a treat. This year they played at the Majestic Cafe. You can read a concert review by co-intern at the Metro Times HERE.

The opening band was Woven Tangles from Ferndale who lived through the great basement flood of 2014 and mentioned that their music equipment got flooded but survived. As an environmental theme flew over the show this evening I wanted to blurt out to the lead singer a nice young lady in a vintage green dress "Well at least you have no shortage of water- be careful what you wish for!" - thinking of our friends in California right now....and anyways you needed to clean out that hoarder basement, jk! But it was tough to communicate as her back was turned for the show. Probably a post traumatic response to the flood.....

Here is a link to the gallery from the show.

A shot of 3 of the 5 Great Lake Swimmers- whose family came in from Canada to see their sons and daughters play- how nice! That brought a smile to my face.

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