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The Giving Tree Band - Fairlane Folk Festival

From Yorkville, ILL these guys did a great set and closed it out by coming down to our level and singing a great gospel song. The crowd loved it, sang along and you could not ask for a more perfect evening.

AND quoted from Wiky online " The Giving Tree Band is also known for extraordinary environmental stewardship and eco-friendly music production.They use a number of instruments that were handmade from naturally fallen trees and reclaimed woods. They have recorded with renewable energy and package all their CDs with 100% recycled materials.The band's second full-length album,Great Possessions, was released on August 18, 2009. It was recorded with 100% solar energy at the Aldo Leopold Legacy Center in Baraboo, WI. During the recording session, the band camped in a nearby state park and commuted over 500 miles by bicycle. The Chicago Sun-Times has called Great Possessions the "greenest of albums."National and international environmental media, such as The Sierra Club,The Discovery Channel and Mother Earth News, have also highlighted the band's activism, with the latter referring to them as "the greenest band in the land"." - How cool is that?

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