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Steve Kilbey | The Church Meet Up

Reading about Steve's life one realizes he is not a sissy- as one who has lived through a roller coaster of addiction, personal break ups, loss and more- he has held up through it all and of course he still loves his weed.

All that aside- he continues to mature and evolve as a musical artist, writer and painter. This photo makes me giggle as I wonder if he knew what a total nerd he was hugging?

I barely drink, can't stand the smell of weed, have to leave the room if cigarettes are smoked and have to have a 20 minute nap once a day. If I don't do yoga or swim I get grumpy and chubby(er) and my party days are reserved for a few special days a each year.

Maybe opposites do attract??? Whatever it may be, I enjoyed meeting him and he was very gracious. I just hope this photo with me, does not embarass him! The concert was top notch and I really like the "Miami" track on the new album Further/Deeper.

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