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Folk Music Ontario | Toronto, Canada

Attending the Folk Music Ontario Conference in Canada has become a once a year tradition for me.How can one resist a 4 day conference where some of the best musicians, songwriters and industry supporting people on the planet gather all in one place to play music until the sun comes up each day?

This year's gathering was in Toronto and had the added excitement of being the last weekend before the country's national election for a new Prime Minister (PM). With folk music having a history of social commentary, the weekend was not without multiple political songs and or protests outside the hotel. Going back to the days of Woody Guthrie to now- Folk Music's ancestors would be proud to know that the tradition of clever intellect combined with creative arrangements lives on in the hearts and minds of todays Folk genre artists.

I was able to stay up most of the evenings for the showcases until about 4 AM and then had to get a few Zzzz'z so I could be coherent at the next days amazing educational workshops and networking sessions which always pay off with new friendships and new adventures in Canada and beyond!

Here's a few picks from the weekend. Below is Linda McRae who is a talented songwriter- In addition to her own artistic pursuits, she works with inmates and teaches them how to compose and write songs. Her song at the showcase entitled Flowers of Appalachia had the crowd in complete and total attention.

For more about this amazing writer, singer, musician see her web page: LINK

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