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Some candid shots from Richard Conde!

Thanks so much to Richard Conde for capturing these candid memories from the edge of the photo pit at the Detroit Jazz Festival.

These are prior to the Pat Metheny performance and show our group hearing some helpful instructions from the Media Manager. "First three songs or first ten minutes- stay tuned....we will let you know..."

I know that one day, God willing, when I look back on these images I will smile! It is a blessing to have these memories of being out in life and living it to the fullest. AND the music witnessed in these moments has been epic and wil never be forgotten- moments ingrained in my memory. And I do have the memory of an elephant.

To me these concerts are spiritual experiences and the wordless, lyricless indescribable inbetween moments in the ''zone'' really capture the spirit of the better parts of humanity.

It was also nice to see the young musicians coming along well - behind our current jazz icons who lead the way!

Life is good!

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