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Jane Siberry at the ARK

If anybody should feel accomplished in their life as art and art as life life, it would be Jane Siberry- at least in my opinion. Toronto born musician Jane Siberry has been courting our hearts and minds with her songwriting since I can remember.

A fan of her in my 1980's and 90's life span, I was elated to see her now live in Ann Arbor. She is releasing a new CD entitle Ulysses Purse next week on February 24, 2016.

I left the show pretty inspired by her women empowering messages - well human empowering messages- of loving oneself, embracing the difficulties in life and coming out OK with the power of thinking positive and sending love into the world, versus a message of hate. She opened with a lovely verse and ended the show with it as well...really good evening with a mix of storytelling, prose, music, and laughter. Well done Jane!

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