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Detroit Metro Times Internship

My photography internship at the Detroit Metro Times weekly has been quite an adventure and I am so thankful for all the hours I have logged in as a media photographer. The experience and media access has been priceless and my work has improved from so much hands-on experience. From no lights on stage to too much light- I have seen quite a range of lighting conditions as well as fan/crowd conditions.

Being pushed & punched in the head and side by some big tall drunk girl at the Shelter for "not dancing and getting drunk with her" during July Talk's show was pretty weird. I don't have a problem with drinkers or partiers, just don't force it on me. To each their own. And if I want to oblige I certainly will, lol! Experiencing the positive energy mosh pit/skateboaders pit at Wolfmother at St. Andrews was much better! People crammed together just rocking it out in a good mood.

I kind of wish I was about 15 years younger as I would have loved to just sit on someone's shoulders and waved. Then there are the vibes of the festivals and the traditions of shows that are also so interesting. And one of my favorites - the jazz gig- always full of people who truly care about what they are about to hear. Some of the best behaved and most intelligent crowds. In observation, I just think people should relax and have fun! make some memories, share an epic music moment with a loved one or your family and friends. and just rock on!

In general, I never tire of a guitar solo, I never tire of singers cavorting around like Marianas Trench or Iggy Pop and I certainly never tire of sold out crowds like at this last years Ann Arbor Folk Festival. I am truly lucky to have had this opportunity and will keep working hard at this job. Here's a LINK to a few of my favorite moments so far.

I think my favorite show so far was "X" at the Magic Bag. It was just way up there on tradition, part of my childhood and of course incredibly cool. Here's John Doe which I think should have been in this years gallery show in Toronto! - Brita

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