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Iggy Pop Post Pop Depression

I got to cover the charity photography show with images shot by ex-advert man now photographer Andreas Neumann at the MOCAD Gallery in Detroit. This was a VIP charity fundraiser for The Sweet Stuff a non-profit that raises money for musicians in need who may have illness or medical costs.

It was a joy to meet Andreas Neumann and his stunning and accomplished wife Khadija Donatelli Neumann who is a super model and spokesperson for a variety of brands and entities. It was a tad surreal to walk into the gallery in my converse and photo equipment and be greeted by this angel who was about 6-2 tall and just the most beautiful thing I have seen. It was like seeing an Eagle for the first time and then photographing it.

My jaw just dropped. I guess in my midwest recent years at home with so many other things going on, it's not often I work with models. She was also a pro at managing the crowd and greeting and explaining the photo show. Great work! Then I met Andreas and he explained his process and how the photos he took of Iggy Pop's new formation with Josh Homme in a desert scene out west.

The images he took are raw gritty and look spontaneous- even though he told me he planned the sets and locations very carefully. It was joy to cover the crowd in attendance as well and those shots are in my regular monthly slideshow here.

Here is a photo of myself with the photographer Andreas Neumann.

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