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John Doe at the ARK

"Punk hero's latest effort is a sweeping panorama inspired by time in Arizona" - Rolling Stone April 2016

Finally got to see John Doe at the ARK in Ann Arbor and it was pretty amazing. Opening band Jesse Dayton was a wild rockabilly and blues whirlwind with some great stories inbetween songs.

John Doe presented a set full of songs from the new CD entitled "The Westerner." With a custom arrow banner on the wall behind him ,some killer pants that even Link Wray would envy ...- the retro-punk-west mood was set.

My new fave on the CD is "A Little Help"- and it's a surprisingly new twist for his writing. It fits his voice quite well and seeing it live was great. The other new tracks included "Get on Board" "Sunlight" and tons more. And you can't play Detroit with playing some classic X which he did. Here is a link to the Rolling Stone review: LINK

And be sure to check out the new moody and timely video issued today which was filmed in John Steinbeck's home town: LINK

Thanks for letting me cover the show- it was certainly appreciated- makes me want to head on over to California and not look back.

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