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I finally had a chance to jot down a few notes for a newsletter. It's good to take a moment and review the past few months or years work- to see what you have accomplished as an artist. It gives time for perspective and reflection.

I am pretty happy with the path and and it's been an incredibly fulfilling portion of my life. To create is just that!-

The ''process of creation'' itself is what gives me great joy and allows me to take part in the world in the moment. No regrets. It's the joy of the process and being engaged in life. The photos are in a sense my children, just like the images of Robert Frank live on today to inspire so many, maybe one day my images will inspire another.

Here is a link to my latest newsletter. LINK

Thank you to all who have allowed me to work on my craft- especially the Metro Times! My internship is up, but I am now seeking even more coverage for bands via media outlets thanks to their great mentor-ship!

Its been awesome.

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