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40th Ann Arbor Folk Festival

One of my favorite things that I look forward too in this Music Photography gig, is the annual Ann Arbor Folk Festival. Growing up as a kid seeing Bob Dylan on TV in archive footage of Newport Folk Fest got me hooked at a young age and it made me realize the importance of seeding young new artists as well as supporting our elder visionaries- mixing them together is great.

Ann Arbor Folk Fest always does a great job doing this- it's just a 2 day musical paradise where kindred spirits gather and savor the sounds of lovely crafted songs, lyrics and melodies in an intimate live's a few shots from Night One. #Thankyou!

Night one included: Susan werner, Zach Heckendorf, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Valerie June, Nahko and medicine for the people, Jenny Lewis and Kacey Musgraves....WOWZERS!

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