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Gregory Porter | Music Hall Detroit

What a weekend!- first the Friday and Saturday Ann Arbor Folk Festival and then Sunday an evening with Gregory Porter. I saw Gregory in Ann Arbor live last summer and bought all of his CD's afterwards. His songs empower and soothe a tired soul. After so many years of mourning, grieving and trying to heal from one loss after another- his music is medicine for my soul.

I play most of his Cds while driving to an from work and I sing along. His voice is just rich and deep and his life story is pretty cool too. His talent is immense and his stage presence is something you just have to see for yourself. I am so glad photographer Richard Conde turned me onto this artist! Thanks RC! Thank you to the very talented and popular Jazz Photographer Karen Fox for this photo after the show. It made my day.

He closed with an amazing performance of "Take Me to The Alley" which I think really applies to today's state of affairs with our new administration.

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