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2017 Sound Image & Contact Photography Festival

I'm honored to have a photo in the 2017 SOUND Image music photography exhibition and even more jittery about it because this year the show will be a official exhibition in the CONTACT Photography Festival which is one of the largest photo festivals in the world. The photo is one that I really cherish and it's one of my best all time shots. Taken in a really dark setting with a super fast prime lens. It hearkens back to my photojournalism classes in Boston and maybe that's why it came out so good. Maybe I need to look backwards to move forwards in my art progress. And, it's black and white.

I wonder what Chris Killip , Barbara Norfleet and Bill Burke would say...actually, no I know what they would say...but do I want to listen. They all are like the maestros of documentary street photos. I am so blessed to have met them and had classes with them. I have lived a good life. Lots of experiences. I hope to keep growing. #Lucky #Thankful

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