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Summer Newsletter

I try to issue a quarterly newsletter to some of the people who have supported me and to the many promotional entities that I have assisted. It's always fun to draft the newsletter as it's like reading through a diary of my life for the past few months and it validates my commitment to what I do in my photo work. If I did not love it, I certainly would not be doing it.

It is an art, but it is also a of hustling, communicating to align press credentials, travelling, scheduling, spending money on hotels, just cursing about the lighting tech (just kidding), carrying heavy equipment around, running around from stage to stage and then editing until the sun comes up- and then doing it all over the next day!

It's basically a lot of hard work covering concerts. It may look glamorous but if someone were to do a reality TV show on this job, you would quickly find out there's a lot of dings and dents in a day.

For a link to my newsletter you can read it here.

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