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Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I am thankful for many things and just wanted to share a greeting to wish all of you a good holiday weekend. Like Flint Eastwood says in her lyrics sometimes it's just the small things that can put everything in perspective.

I'm thankful for another day, to be able to investigate my interest in photography and graphic design, to have a place to live in a very cool artsy town, my cats, my ability to reinvent myself as technology and the economy changes and to not be afraid to ''take care of me'' - if I'm not OK, then I would not be able to do any of these other things that make life so interesting.

I also thankful for the food on my plate, the family I have left, and the new friends I have made and especially the old friends I have- you guys are amazing human beings! I always say friendships are better based on Quality versus Quantity!

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