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Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!


Go check out some music performances during this festive season- music brings people together. We need that!

Best memories include seeing the legendary and heart-filled John Prine at the Ann Arbor Folk festival- if you have not listened to Tree of Forgiveness yet, you have missed out! Goosebumps all over when hearing the live show.

And.. then my adventure at the Wheatland Traditional Arts Weekend where my car broke down and I was pleasantly surprised to know that my musician friends had my back. Merci to the Bourque Emissaries for being two knights in Quebec Armor and escorting me home safely on their way out of the USA. My car got towed two days later.

While at Wheatland Traditional Arts Weekend, I also got to learn how to play the dulcimer by taking a couple classes. I loved it! Another good memory that created some new friendships was meeting the Blue Water Ramblers - I got to attend a workshop with them and later they had a nice jam session in the campground where everybody sang, exchanged stories and ate some good food. Finally, I also took some traditional crafting classes and made a few items that are in my home today, and when I look at them, I think of that weekend.

Onto MoPop Festival in Detroit - And...seeing Billie Eilish live- that girl is crazy and awesome and original. What a Queen. It was also special to see my friend Nickole on stage with Portugal the Man singing the native water song. What a great way to inform the public about water issues and native american/indigenous people's right here at home. Nickole was awesome.

And then- seeing the classic rocker and blues line up at the Windsor Blues Fest- its always fun and being on the river is so nice. Nuno Bettencourt was a treat, Danielle Nicole was bad-ass and I finally got a decent shot of Pat Travers.

And Detroit Jazz Fest was full of rain and sun and rain and sun and all in between but it was a good year for the ladies of Jazz! Out in full force!

(L-R: Nuno Bettencourt, John Prine, Vince Staples, Billie Eilish, Blue Water Ramblers, Marcus Miller, Tia Fuller, Danielle Nicole, Birds of Chicago, Pat Travers)

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