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And....After a brief intermission. I'm back! Thank you universe.

First I would like to explain my lack of posts since January 2019! I was diagnosed with a serious medical condition in December and underwent surgery, treatments and now am just recovered! It was a 5 month journey to wellness and one of the most difficult things I have ever been through mentally and physically. Without the help of my brother, my amazing Latvian church and community and my Dad's best friend in his life (all who helped pay off my medical deductible!) and my few but uber-high quality friends of over 10 years, and the amazing team at the hospital, and my workplace, I would not have made it through as smoothly as I did. I even surprised myself at how decent I fared at dealing with things you cannot control! Today, I am feeling much better and am celebrating my first photography gig since not being able to do much of anything for 3 months!

The Delta Blues came Detroit! - well Ferndale to be exact- on June 12, 2019! The Magic Bag Theater was blessed to have the guitar phenom Christone Kingfish Ingram on their stage. It was one night of real deal blues being played by this 20 year guitar god who graces from Mississippi and is a student of Buddy Guy. He is going on tour with Buddy Guy and also just released an album by Alligator Records. If you see he is playing near you, you should go witness history being made- who knows what impact he will have on keeping the blues alive in the next 10 -20 years!

I have a few music photo gigs booked for this summer and fall - but I decided not to bite off more than I can chew right now. I have to prioritize my health and build my strength back up so I can carry camera equipment and walking miles through festivals again soon! See you out there and stop by and say hello if you see me!

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